Monday, January 4

"Magic" Mom

It is funny when your kids wake up in the night and refuse their beloved Daddy, but cry out for mommy desperately.
It is also comforting to us moms that when they fall down and have scrapes they can only be consoled by Mommy.

It seems that we Moms have some "Magic" that our kids need as they grow and go through life.

In my house my kids love their Dad totally but when it comes to the following things they always want their Mom;

  1. A Bruise, an Itch or an Ache
  2. Fight between them
  3. Food & Snacks
  4. Drinks
  5. Reading
  6. Home Work
  7. Story Telling
  8. School Activities
  9. Talk of friends at School & their favourite programs
  10. Dressing Up
  11. Play
  12. Plan outings
  13. To wipe bums, faces and hands
  14. Disrupted sleep and so much more.
Being in such demand is "motherhood in real time", and it is fulfilling, even though it is sometimes downright exhausting.

I think God gave us this "Magic" so we could be better care givers in our families by performing our roles as mothers to our kids and sometimes even the hubby [our big baby].

I for one even still reach out to my mom when I need some "Magic" moments in my life. So the magic of motherhood never ends or ceases and our kids would need this magic as long as they grow and thrive.

Let's spread the "Magic"! I hope our kids look back one day and appreciate all the "Magic" Mom handed out to them


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