Monday, February 22

6 Years on;We are still Going Strong!

Today is my 6th Wedding Anniversary. I congratulate "US"

It has been a whole lot of days and months, years and so much emotion in between.

I Thank-God for keeping us sane and together and for our two Amazing, precarious kids.

I could not have asked for more.

I Remember clearly our wedding day when we both literally sang; "Take my hand, take my whole life too, for I can't help falling in Love with you......sing it away....

Though there are some days/times when I ask my self: Who did I Marry?

  • I sometimes wish for a more Perfect Partner - But I am so far from perfection myself
  • I sometimes wish for more Romance - We are continuously working on this - not an easy task with 2 active kids and the ever changing world going by.
  • I sometimes wish for more quality"Me Time" to pursue my dreams - But I guess when you say "Yes I do" you are also signing away your "Selfish" independent existence as well as "Singledom", that said I am still dreaming and greedily using up any "Me Time" I manage to get to purse my dreams.
  • I sometimes wish for a "Brighter Future" - But I know this is an Illusion in itself and that I should focus on the here and now and on the times we have together to love and cherish each other.
  • I sometimes wish for more kids; But I know I am richly blessed with two intelligent, savvy, funny, active, tasking, and loving kids who love us unconditionally.

All in all I am blessed and grateful to God for a chance to be a Wife, a Partner, a Friend, a Confidant, a Mother, a Parent and a Carer of all.

There is still a whole lot ahead of us, but we are confident that as a "TEAM" we would conquer.

Singing -Wise Men say only fools rush in ["into Marriage] but I couldn't help falling in Love with goes on and on in our lives.

Six years on and still counting!!!