Saturday, February 27

Celebrating Women (1)

Women Hold Up Half the Sky............... [Chinese Proverb]. This is a proverb I live by.

I believe that as a Women we actually Hold up Half the Sky in this crazy world we live in today. We love, manage and control the home front, our men, our children who are future leaders of tomorrow and we also manage and direct our teams at work [Various facets of Industry and Government].

What more can you ask for, "our love and actions" makes the world go round.

For me no mountain is too high to climb or any river too wide to cross; I fanatically believe this and it pushes me to strive even harder with each passing day as I go through life.

This is the launch our "Celebrating Women" series (1-12). Feel free join in.

Women are we on the same page here. Share your views!!!