Saturday, February 27

Celebrating Women (2)

Lets Celebrate my Mom today!
Mom has been married for 40 years, bore 6 children while holding down a full time job as a Teacher/Educationists [with a postgraduate degree in tow].

She is still tirelessly fulfilling her role as a wife , mother and grandmother as well has a running her own private school and selflessly serving the Lord.

She amazes me with her;

  • Boundless energy at 62+
  • Giving of her self any time she is called upon
  • Steady and strong faith in God and his goodness.
  • Continued devotion to the same man for 40 years
  • Continous mothering of 6 Children, 5 Grandchildren and all the kids at her school.
  • Holding down a career in Education for over 4 decades.

Join me in saying Kudos to my "Darling Mom" who is still mothering me devotedly- a woman who is definitely "Holding Up Half Her Sky" and more.