Wednesday, February 24

Did I Marry the right Person? (1)

In some of your low moments have you asked yourself this question; Did I Marry the right Person?
We must realize that our marriage/relationship like all others has a life cycle;
  1. In the Beginning - You fell madly in love with each other, anticipated each others calls and touch and liked each other's peculiarities. 
  2. After a few years of Marriage - Some kids have come along, the euphoria of love has faded, the phone calls are far and in between and may at time be a bother. Touch is not always welcome. Those kinky peculiarities become irritation and annoying.
At this stage you may begin to ask yourself;
• Did I Marry the right Person?
  • Have I made a Mistake?
If this stage is not handled properly it may lead to a complete breakdown of your marriage.

Most couples blame each other for their unhappiness and think the solution lies outside the marriage;
  1. With someone else or
  2. In work or
  3. Church or
  4. In a new hobby or
  5. A friend
But most interestingly the answer to this dilemma you find yourself in does not lie outside your marriage, it lies within.

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