Wednesday, February 24

Did I Marry the right Person? (2)

Most couples have asked themselves this question at one time at the other; Did I Marry the Right Person?

They also seem to think that the solution to their unhappiness or dissatisfaction lies outside the marriage.

But little do they know, because the answer or solution to their dilemma lies within the marriage.

Of course you could actually fall in love with someone else and temporarily you would feel better and after a few years you would find yourself in the same situation you where in your previous marriage or relationship.

The key to a successful marriage is not finding the right person "but learning to love the person you found".

Sustaining love in your marriage is not a passive or spontaneous act; it takes a whole lot of dedication and labour to "keep the love alive".

You have to work at it day in day out; that is why the expression "Labour of Love" is true to a T.
It takes
  • Time
  • Effort
  • Energy and
  • Wisdom
to "keep love alive" in your marriage.

Some of us delude ourselves that love is a mystery - this is not true at all.

They are specific things that you must do to keep the Love alive in your marriage [with or without the participation of your spouse]