Thursday, February 25

Did I Marry the right Person? (3)

To “Keep Love Alive” in your marriage there are certain things you must do; with our without the full participation of your spouse.
Imbibing certain habits in your marriage will make your relationship stronger; it is a direct cause and effect principle.
If you abide by the following you can indeed “Make Love” in your marriage a decision.
  1. Forgive and Forget: Forgiveness is greater that revenge. Bear in mind that people would always make mistakes as no one is perfect, but the resultant actions we take in reaction to this mistake while in a rage may hunt us for the rest of our lives – so be warned. 
  2. Think before you act: Always pause and ponder before taking action or speaking – A wise man always weighs his words before speaking. 
  3. Be Patient and Kind: It costs you absolutely nothing.
  4. Never take your Spouse for granted: We do this all too often.
  5. Hold your spouse close to your heart: Else you wake up one day and realize you have lost a “diamond” because you were too busy collecting “stones”

All in all Remember if you judge people you have no time to love them [Mother Teresa]

 “Make love” in your Marriage a conscious decision today!