Monday, February 15

Valentine in my Household

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!!!!!!!!!

Today - Valentine day was a day filled with love and cheer in my household. 

We started the day by going to church to thank God for keeping us safe and sound. The priest preached that we should try to share love not only with family members and friends but also with the less fortunate.
Next we then headed on to the shops to do some shopping and but some rich sinful cake for the valentine.

Then we set off home to eat, drink and bond. [Though the hussy had to go out for a business meeting and was gone most of the day- he was stuck in traffic;called us severally and came back home tired and hungry]

Mummy and the kids had fun, eating, playing, and learning [There was no outing today; yesterday I took them out to have water fun, eat out and visit relatives].

We also called out to family and friends to share the love this Valentine.

The bottom line is that we had some family time filled with love, laughter, fun and lots of good cheer. And we did some good to others less fortunate.

For you I hope you had family/friends and love to share; this is more important than even the most expensive gifts in the world. "But a mix of both is definitely exhilarating".

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Please share your Valentine day experience with us.