Wednesday, March 10

Are you Comfortable in Your Own Skin?

Are you Comfortable in your own Skin?

If you are not sure ask yourself the following questions;

  1. Do you have a low or high self esteem?
  2. Are you Anti-Social? Isolated!
  3. Are you envious of every and anyone around you?
  4. Do you think you are an under achiever?
  5. Are you generally depressed, gloomy or full of self pithy?
  6. Do you blame others for your current station in life?
  7. Do you wish you could be like someone else?
  8. Are you stressed over very little issues?
  9. Are you afraid of challenges or new ideas?
  10. Do you feel intimidated by people, places or events?
  11. Do you feel you are not pretty enough or handsome enough?
  12. Do you feel you are not tall enough or too tall?
  13. Do you feel you are not thin enough?
  14. Do you think you are in the wrong career?
If you answered yes to all or over 5 of this questions you may need a reality check. 
No can look out for you like yourself. 

So wake up and smell the coffee; Life is full of up and downs and how we handle these highs and lows is what differentiates you from the next person.

Kathy will never be a Celine;they will never look exactly alike, have the same personality, like the same things or achieve the same heights in their lives.
All Fingers are not Equal
Know that a good demonstration of of our lives is your hand  which shows that all our fingers are not equal and will never be- And this clearly depicts life showing that we will all be at very different stations in life or achieve different heights in our careers, lives and or marriage..

Most importantly if you don't like your life or your current station in life then start to make changes - no one can wave a magic wand and turn you into Cinderella. You have to make small changes and take little steps each day in the direction you wish to travel in life. 

Also note that your are currently where you are meant to be at this time in your life and each day brings changes and challenges; open you mind and heart to experience all this and take life in stride.

If this "pep up" piece does nothing for you, I advice you seek medical help.


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