Monday, March 22

Celebrating Women (11)

Today we celebrate all women in Nigeria, Ireland and United Kingdom and other countries in the Middle-East and elsewhere as they celebrate Mothering Sunday/ Mother’s day.


I salute and celebrate all mothers in these regions and worldwide for your sacrifice, devotion, love and care of your family and others.

I hope your family members realise that you are a “priceless gem” who should be so valued and honoured today and always.


May the Lord bless and keep you today and always, and may his light brighten your whole life as you continue to give selflessly to your family.

Know that as a woman the bane of womanhood is our selfless giving to our family and even friends.


As a mother today I am filled with pride at my achievements, in my home, community and even in my career.

I have devoted time, energy and resources to mothering my two kids and my younger siblings and anyone else who crosses my path.



My “GIRL” with Lipstick on LOL!




The Duo in action!


I am thankful of this opportunity to be mother, friend, parent, teacher, nurse, sometimes father and even father Christmas in disguise.

Mothering in reality often goes beyond the kids, in marriage setting you find you self mothering your husband as he often becomes on of the kids who is helpless and dependant.


The maternal bond between mother and child or children is a dynamic and powerful bond and as mothers we should work on strengthening this bond daily, by caring, sharing, teaching, growing, developing and loving our children/kids.

See an excerpt from my dedication to my mother last year for Mother’s Day;

“My mother is a glorious blessed and tireless wonder.
She is ever ready to help, despite the fact that she has her own business to run.
She is a pure epitome of what a mother should be.

The maternal bond between my mother and her six children is unshakeable and remains unbroken after 40 years of motherhood.
A mother takes care of her brood [children] all through her life, worrying when they are in trouble, caring when they are in pain or sorrow, correcting when they are in the wrong and praising when they have achieved.

I Thank-God for a mother like mine, who is tireless in mothering her children/kids.
I hope that I will emulate her in all facets of motherhood as I and my husband raise our two children/kids in this dynamic world we live in”.

Woman thou are worth of Praise! Remember “Women Hold Up Half the Sky”.

I hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day/ Mothering Sunday in your home or community.



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