Tuesday, March 23

Celebrating Women (12)

Today I celebrate two old BFF's who I re-connected with today; We are all moms to 2 kids each with somewhat devoted males as husbands living in seperate vicinities and countries.

I feel happy and elated as I got to hang out with my two old BFF's for several hours today.
We bonded again, recalled old happenings, laughed and shared our family stories.

Most interestingly we gossiped about our husbands and men generally; how they seem to be so clueless at times and how their thought and actions are so foreign to us women.

At times we really wonder whether they are deliberately obtuse most of the time or they are just made that way.

We the moved on to our kids; their births, breastfeeding/or not and their amazing growth and depth.

My first had a field day with my boobs and he grabbed them the minute he was introduced to mummy after his birth; he could go on suckling at my breasts for hours and he was a very big baby that enjoyed exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months.
My daughter was a picky "breast-feeder"; she ate in very short bursts and was full quickly and she remained slim. She enjoyed exclusive breastfeeding for only 3 and half months due to some stomach infection in the Crèche from contaminated breast milk.

Friend 1's first is such a big gal now she is so tall and pretty;  I remember the day she was born, it was just like yesterday and her mom breastfed her in pain as she did not latch on properly. The doctor eventually said that she was not getting enough food and she had to  move over to formula milk at 1 month of age.
Baby 2 came early and was so tiny;  I was scared to touch her talk-less carry. But she grew fast and was a pretty easy baby and breastfeeding was easier.

Friend 2 after several miscarriages had a successful pregnancy gave birth to a pretty little baby who was quite miniature at birth. She could not breastfeed as she did not produce milk-baby was bit early.
Baby 2 was a easy and she breastfed for 6 weeks until mom said no more; she could not stand the suckling sensation and it really bothered her. Baby was an easy sell to the bottle she took it it immediately and all lived happily ever after.

All in all we were 3 moms who had known each other for so so long [over 20 years] and had grown in different directions in our work our lives and our marriages. But we sure re-connected again after such along time apart.

Re-connect with old friends it is healthy and it brings forth some healthy nostalgia.

Kudos to you my dear friends [BFF's].

Happy friending.......


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