Monday, March 1

Celebrating Women (4)

You are ultimately responsible for your own happiness!
Today we celebrate women all over you find themselves in so called "unhappy marriages".

I believe that you are the architect of your own destiny and if you focus on giving of yourself to others, you would find peace, experience joy and personal satisfaction and ultimately happiness.

To all women in so called "unhappy marriages" I call on you to imbibe these guiding principles;

  1. Die to self - i.e. focus on being good all the time to your husband
  2. Give! Give! and Give some more - without any expected returns
  3. Love unconditionally - even if your husband seems standoffish.
  4. Invite God into your Marriage - without God we are ultimately nothing.
  5. Let your Husband Lead - Men are ego freaks and if they feel threatened in a relationship they become angry and resistant.
This seems weak, passive or submissive you may say; but know that you have to stoop to conquer and if you can practice this constantly you would find positive changes in most husbands.

Also remember that the woman orchestrates her marriage; you unconsciously are the "star actor" and director in the your own home movie.

We celebrate the new "happy" you which will emerge after these positive changes in your attitude.

Good Luck as you work on revamping yourself to attract resultant positivity in your husband!!!!


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