Thursday, March 4

Celebrating Women (5)

I want to hail Cherie Blair’s Foundation for Women working with the GSMA [The umbrella body for GSM mobile operators] for bring to the forefront the need to empower women the world over with mobile services/access.

She said  and I quote “Every woman, wherever she lives, needs a mobile phone.  That’s the simple but fundamental message at the heart of this report.  Women can use this vital tool to help unlock real prospects for themselves, their families and their communities.  By being better connected, women feel safer, find employment, start businesses, access banks, learn about market prices and altogether benefit socially and economically.  “Women and Mobile” is a seminal report that should be read by all who care about the life chances of women.”

I believe that a woman with a mobile can be likened to a “Warrior with a Sword”.

She could use her mobile access to gain Financial independence, Build social bridges, Save lives and Much more.

Some specific uses could be;

  • Trade or do business
  • Find Employment
  • Get Medical help: Especially in emergencies/in remote areas
  • Parenting; Keep track of her kids
  • Socialize; Share with Family and Friends
  • Bank; Mobile Banking

Studies show that women account for 750 million of the 1.25 billion adults in low and middle-income countries who have mobile phone coverage, but don’t have a handset.

Mobile operators need to wake up to this reality and find ways to empower women with mobiles by low cost promos as they would become lifelong subscribers.


My fellow women what do you think.


Please share your views!


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