Tuesday, March 9

Celebrating Women (8)

Today I mourn for all those women and children who have been killed in the continuous religious crisis in Jos, Plateau state of Nigeria.

I especially mourn and celebrate all the women who formed most of the dead in the the recent slaughter of people in Dogo Nahawa a village in the outskirts of Jos.

Why this senseless Tragedy? Why can't Muslims and Christians live together? Where is Religious Tolerance?
Where were the Police? Where are our Leaders?

Is there no more Peace or Sleep for the people of Jos?  What is the root cause of this continuous Violence, Killing and Mayhem?

Women who have toiled and slaved for their families, had their lives cut short by this senseless killing and mayhem.

I pray for their souls and for those they left behind, especially the children who would have no one to "mother" them.


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