Tuesday, March 9

Celebrating Women (9)

I choose to celebrate Oscar winning actresses Sandra Bullock and Mo'Nique; they proved at the just concluded Academy Awards that perseverance in your craft or work eventually pays off.

I would also like to celebrate the newcomer Gabourey Sidibe; who i felt deserved an Oscar for her breathtaking performance of "Claireece Precious Jones" in the heart wrenching movie Precious.

Mo'Nique proved that she was more than a "funny lady" in her stunning portrayal of Precious's mother in the moving movie called "Precious"  Click for Full Image Size which has earned her three awards; The Golden Globes, The Screen Actor's Guild and now the Oscars.  In 2009 alone she won 20 different Awards. Whoopeee lady! Slow down give other a chance.

Sandra Bullock a woman after my own heart; clearly shows that if you work hard at your craft putting in your heart and soul someone or people are bound to notice your talent. She also showed that there is a time to shine. She also tugged at the heartstrings of "us mothers" in this movie. She has also been on the roll since 2009 she has won several awards including; The Golden Globes, The Screen Actor's Guild and now the Oscars. Some people don't achieve this all through their life time. She loked like a real movie start at the Oscars

Gabby [Gabourey Sidibe] an evolving actress to watch out for is a true case of believing that in just one day your life could turn around and jump sky high to unimaginable heights.
As Oprah Winfrey said at the Awards night; She was just a school girl trying to make money to complete her college education.
  • On Monday she cut school to audition for the role of "Claireece Precious Jones"
  • On Tuesday she got a call back
  • On Wednesday she was selected for the role of a lifetime.gabourey-sidibe-oscars-2.jpg
I want to excitedly mention and praise Kathryn Bigelow for winning the Oscar for the Best director of a motion picture {The Hurt Locker}; she is the first woman to win this award and this will definitely go down in the history books. Well done Kathy you have made history and made all women proud!

Join me today in celebrating the showmanship of these four great ladies who rightly deserved their nominations and or Oscar wins.

Believe that you too would  one day win "big" in your life; just believe and dedicate yourself to your job or craft or business.


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