Wednesday, March 17

Do you like or treat other people's kids the same as yours?

Some days ago I overheard a mom in my children's school saying and I quote; Don't think I must like kids just because I have a daughter.
This sounded wired and confusing to me.

I love kids and not just because I am a mom. I grew up loving kids; I had to, I had 4 younger siblings across an 11 year span. I babysat the younger ones quite often while my mom was either cooking or running some other household errands.

I love kids! I love kids!! I just love kids!!!

They amaze me with;

  1. Their Innate Innocence,
  2. Their Mischief making minds
  3. Their Daring Natures
  4. The various Learning Curves they Achieve
  5. The Milestones of their Development
  6. The way they Love Unconditionally
  7. Their Unapologetic Directness and sometimes Brashness
  8. Their Photographic Memories
  9. The way the Soak up Knowledge and everything around them
  10. They are quick to Forgive and Forget


Look of pure innocence!


What do you think? Please Share your views..

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