Monday, March 15

Celebrating Women (10)

See full size imageProtecting you brood like the mother henToday I want to celebrate all mothers in the aftermath of yesterday's mother's day celebration.

"You hold up half your Sky" in your home, neighborhood and work; you can boast of the following unique characteristics which is an embodiment of true motherhood.

  1. Divine in body, soul and spirit
  2. Posses superior Intellect
  3. Resilient in nature
  4. Patient beyond reason
  5. Enterprising in lean times and in difficult situations
  6. Courageous defender of your brood
  7. Honest and truthful in relations
  8. Charming to one and all
  9. Loving to family and friends
  10. Dependable in times of trouble or pain
We deserve Praise, Honor,Glory and a whole lot of THANKS.
Lets continue to mother our children, our nations and the world at large as we negate this treacherous time.

Please leave comments to share your thoughts on motherhood....

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