Friday, March 26

When the Available becomes the Desired!

I love this saying as it clearly depicts the realistic fate of a woman in relationships and marriage  - “When the desired becomes unavailable the available becomes the desired.”

The reality is that as women we often desire the unavailable men [the man with “an edge”] who more often than not is;

  • Emotionally unavailable but physically present or
  • Emotionally available but physically absent or
  • Plainly a figment of our imagination or an unrealistic Fantasy [The Dream Man]

Some are unfortunate enough to railroad such men in to marriage and this often ends  in heartbreak. Or they hold out for so long waiting for the “dream man”

An unavailable man is unavailable to you pure and simple, there is no way around it unless of course you re-invent yourself and become an irresistible femme fatale [even this will be short lived]. He is not the man for you – let this sink in.

And a dream man exists only in your dreams; there he shall remain.

I used to dream of a tall, dark handsome, strong, romantic, loving and rich man; the type you find in romance novels who would win many battles for you. He only exists in novels; where you can find a “perfect man”.

Perfect men do not exist; we [men and women] are all so flawed with many imperfections which shows that we are mere mortals.

Couple 2

The Available man is often too available and not desired by us women; because he has no “Edge”.

But he is a good friend, madly in love with you and is emotionally and physically present; If you take a good look you would also fall in love with his plain goodness.

When push comes to shove after life wields us many blows a realistic down to earth woman converts the available to the desired and devotes mind, soul body and spirit to this conversion. Woman you sure have your hidden wiles.


The given here is that the available is not yours, was never yours or is actually a figment of your wild! wild! imaginations; so take the big girl pill and move on.

Grab the “Available” before the woman beside you grabs him and sinks her teeth in to him.


A word is enough for the wise. Are you wise?


Please share you wise sayings here!


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