Saturday, March 6

Which Spoon is in your Kid’s mouth?

Most of us who did not grow up with “silver spoons” in our mouth, with the slightest opportunity often try to shove down “diamond studded spoons” in to our kid’s/Child’s mouths forgetting that their future and destiny is mainly dependent on their innate abilities, wisdom, knowledge and strength of character and purpose.

Some who were born with silver, gold plated or diamond studded spoons even forget that there could be any other kind of life out there. It seems surreal to us to imagine survival  with out our wealth/riches, “door opening last name” and high society friends.

But remember riches or wealth do not make a man as this may be transient if not well managed; Strength of character and purpose mixed with a little wisdom could take you much farther.

Pertinent Questions - If I throw these questions at you;

  1. Which spoon is in your kid’s/Child’s mouth would you be able to answer?
  2. Would you be certain that you are preparing him or her to face the dynamic ever changing world we live in today? Where you could be rich today and poor tomorrow and vice versa.
  3. Are we laying the basic foundation for them which will be the stepping stone to what they could achieve in their time here on earth?


Laying the Foundation

We owe them as parents the following in no particular order;

  • Love that encompasses all family, friends and foe.
  • Emotional strength to withstand and accept various happenings
  • Discipline of character and mind
  • Education of the mind
  • General training across various facets of home and society
  • Guidance and purposeful direction in Life as they grow up
  • Leadership by example
  • Protection from Societal Ills and Negativity
  • Belief in self and capabilities [Be their greatest cheerleaders]
  • Believe in God and his creation

There may be more, but these would go along way in ensuring that we don’t turn out kids/children who are already pre-destined to fail.

We must put in some real time, effort and wisdom, we owe it to them as parents and custodians.

Take charge of your kids/children's future today!




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