Sunday, April 25

He wants His Dad's Tummy! No Boy not now...

Some days ago I was giving my 4 years old Son a bath and we got in to the following "funny" dialogue; Here Goes......

Mom: Your tummy is no longer as flat as it used to be.

Son: No I don't want a flat tummy

Mom: Why?

Son: It is so boring.

Mom: What is boring about a flat tummy?

Son: I want my tummy to be like my Daddy's own.

Mom: Oh no... HA! HA! HA! went into hysterics.

Son: Looks at me in wonderment

Mom: You don't want to have you Daddy little pot at 4 years; why not wait until you are all grown up and then you can aim for that.

Son: Mmmmmm... thinks.....So 4 years old boys are not supposed to have tummies like my Dad's.

Mom: No! There are supposed to have flat tummies because there are very active and they still eat healthy because their Moms worry about this constantly.

Son: Okay

Mom: Do you understand what I have said?

Son: Yes.

What do you make of this dialogue? Have you had some similar interactions with you kid/child? Please share here with us.

Children really have some weird ambitions at times. They think the grass is definitely greener at the other end and that they are missing out on something crucial.



Jossy said...

Very Hilarious. Kids are just so open and honest at times their far fetched imagination is humbling.

WINC said...

Thanks Jossy for your comment. Come by again.

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