Sunday, April 11

How Strong is your Faith?

  1. Do you believe in God and His Infinite Greatness?
  2. Do you trust in His Goodness?
  3. Do you trust in His Mercy?
  4. Do you trust in His unimaginable Wisdom?
  5. Do you trust in His unwavering Love?
  6. Do you trust in His Saving Grace?

If you answered Yes to these questions then you trust in your faith in God. A little faith can move mountains and remove countless obstacles

The reality is that even when we say we trust in God and His might, we often times fall short of His glory by doubting His presence in our lives when we experience setbacks or face unforeseen challenges.

As Christians we must know that we will face persecution and hardship; God never said it would be smooth sailing. It is how we depend on Him to help us overcome this challenges that will show our Christian Faith.

Even though we are unworthy of His Love because of our human weakness, God's love for us is constant. You just need to open your heart to receive him.

Everyday in our life is a Plus; we must realize that God's work in us and through us is still unfinished here on earth.
Strive to;

  1. Seek God's face and direction
  2. To Discover his Purpose for us here on earth
  3. Do Good to all
  4. Share Love & Joy in our families, community and work environment 
  5. His light must shine though in our Words and Actions
If you answered "No" to the questions below; I will pray that you come to know
  • God and His Mightiness
  • Open your Heart to receive Him
  • Discover his Purpose for you here on earth
  • Share in his Love and Grace which abounds for all his children
How Strong is your faith? Can you answer this question? Leave some comments in response.

Have a Blessed Sunday!


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