Saturday, April 17

My fizzy life - Soda on top!

Are you a Soda addict like me? I and addicted to Sodas; I can't seem to do without the fizzy world of sodas.
For over 20 years I have been a Soda Addict.

In my teenage years and early twenties I was totally hooked and drank almost exclusively sodas as my liquid intake. I was a junk food junkie so I almost always had to have a soda along with my "junk". I abhor plain water so I never drank it.

In my late twenties and thirties I have been off and on the soda bandwagon. I have gone off them for as long as a month then tasted on a bottle and fell right in to the "Soda Hole" again.

I enjoy soda, with meals, alone and with snacks or biscuits. I like to take it straight from the bottle no straw no glass - you get the maximum fizz this wayStudy links sugary soda to pancreas cancer

In my late thirties I am still battling the Soda; I go for days and weeks without it, then get tempted to take a bottle and "Viola" the cycle begins again.

I know all too well the negative effects of excess consumption of soda, some ingredients in soda are in excesses can cause;
1. Caffeine - Could cause Anxiety, Sleep disruption
2. Sodium Benzoate - Possible cause of DNA damage and hyperactivity
3. Sugar - Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, Dental cavities, Low nutritional levels

I also have a stomach bulge which has increased with the delivery of my two kids and seems worse after soda intakes.
I notice that when I stay off soda I my stomach bulge decreases greatly.

I am once again trying to cut Sodas out of my diet once and for all and embrace a healthy lifestyle.
I hope this time it will be for good but I need help here because I hate drinking water.

I wonder how may of you are in my shoes or have managed to cut out sodas from their lives.

Please share some easy tips here with me; I will gladly welcome them.

I was enjoying a 10 day Soda free run; I had to so spoil it it with just one little bottle of "Coke"


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