Monday, April 5

Our Lord is Risen. Alleluia! Alleluia!

He is is Risen Indeed. Alleluia!

My Spirituality:
As we come to the end of the Easter Celebrations I reflect on my spiritual journey through lent and pray that God in is infinite Mercy will pardon all my shortcoming and sinfulness during this period and always.

I am catholic born and bred and I have always practiced catholicism; as a Child, an Adult at now in Marriage. I believe in God and his magnificence, I also believe he sent Jesus Christ his only son our Lord to free us from sin and evil and to lead us onto the path of righteousness.

I take constant solace that our Lord died on the cross to wash away all our sins, past present and future [yes there will be more as we are mere mortals] and this should encourage us to live a good life full of Love, Charitable deeds and Worship.

My Easter weekend in brief:

  • On Good Friday; We went to church to walk with the Lord on his journey to Golgotha; where his was crucified for our sake and for the sake of the whole world.
  • On Saturday; We came together with family and friends to celebrate my sisters birthday
  • On Sunday; We went to church to celebrate the Resurrection of our crucified Saviour of the world

Tell me how you spent yours, I hope you had family and friends to share your way.

Happy Holidays to you all as we trudge together towards our eternal salvation.


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