Monday, April 26

Teething, Feverish "Girly girl" wants to go to School

My "Girly girl"  had a fever through the night, I had to strip her and give Capol. Found out she is teething - growing two molars at once.

I wonder why she has to have a fever anytime she is teething.

My son the "Superhero" always surprised us with new teeth by opening his mouth to laugh or munch on treats; we never knew when he was adding new teeth except you deliberately put your fingers in his mouth or took a look.
He showed no outward signs; he would be going about casing his usual mayhem.

How can two kids form the same "ilk" be so different..... LOL!

This morning the Hussy and I agreed she would stay home today as I still had today left of my leave [Back to work tomorrow]

As I got her brother the "Superhero" ready for the school bus, she awoke and asked for her school clothes.

I told her she wasn't going to school today as she was a bit down and Mummy had to watch her and make sure she was okay.

She said No! that she wanted to go with the School Bus.

I again told her that she had to stay home today and why and promised that she would go to school tomorrow and she agreed.

In a short while the school bus arrived and I asked her brother to run down to the bus with "my driver" leading him; Lo and behold my "Girly girl" started wailing that she wanted to go to school and I had a hard time consoling her.

Children are just amazing; when you want them to go to school they would protest and when you want them to stay home they also stage a protest.

How can a mom survive this chaos? In an already Chaotic World.

Methinks that as Moms we just have to wear our Armory and be ready for Tantrums, Mayhem and Foolishness from our little beloved darlings.

Share your own experiences in the comments section. Thanks!!!


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