Wednesday, April 21

They are back from School! Here we go.....

The kids are back from School and my peace is over. I hear;
  • Mummy - May I have waterrrrr?
  • Mummy - I don't want to do my homework I am tired.
  • Mummy - I want to Weeeeee.
  • Mummy - Bede hit meeee
  • Mummy - Thea stepped on me and did not say sorry.
  • Mummy - I am not hungry.....[over a plate of food that they have demanded for]
It goes on and on...........
Doing Home work dutifully.

Trying to destroy the Rug. No girl don't go there

I am on leave from work to spend time with the kids and until yesterday [They resumed school yesterday] it has been more hard work than holding two full time jobs.

I am on call all through, the only respite is when they are asleep.
But truth be told I have enjoyed it as I have watched and helped my children;
  1. Develope 
  2. Create
  3. Learn
  4. Love and 
  5. Play
I just have a few days more before I go back to the grindstone [Work] and I will miss my daily interaction with my two angels.
Is he an Acrobat or he is trying to "Scare me". Stop that that only when there is "money" involved and I am not present.
Ohhhhhh my girls is crying and screaming now because I stopped her from "cooking my wrist watch [beloved]"...........Byeeeee motherhood calls.


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