Thursday, April 1

A Woman plus her "Shoes"

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. Who said that? My sentiments exactly. I love shoes; extra ordinarily beautiful shoes.

I won’t tell you how many pairs of shoes I own but they are quite a lot, though no where near the amazing 3,000 pairs Imelda Marcus was reputed to have owned as the first lady of the Philippines.

What is it about “Women and Shoes”? Is there only one answer to this question? If you ask me “NO” I dare say.

Like Sade Adu says in her new album "Pearls" Nothing hurts like brand new shoes, but it doesn’t take away the joy of owning one.

Historically shoes were worn to shield the feet from the weather and various terrains.
By the 1600’s the heel became a practical item as there were added to the heel of shoes to help keep women from stepping in horse dung. Now that’s a laugh….. .

By the 1970’s the slim stiletto was shunned by women for the chunky platform which was the fad of the 70’s rock era.
But the Stiletto is back with a rage and it is being worn by women of all shapes and sizes; in varied colours and designs.
New shoe designs abound everywhere and women are easy target for these shoe makers.
Nine West Women's Rocha6 Platform Pump,Dark Green,8 M US 
Womens Sexy Strappy Spike Heels 4 1/2 inch ShoesYou can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.
1. Shoes can tell;
  • Your economic and social status
  • Your values and fashion style
2. Shoes reflect the personality of the wearer.
3. A shoe’s shape tells a lot about how the wearer stands or walks.
There are different types of female shoes;
Flats – Are Practical, Comfortable and Safe
Think! Women's Julia Sandal,Black/Kombi,39 EU (US Women's 8 M)Heels – Are “Sex and the City Chic”.
There are also various designs of shoes
  1. Stilettos
  2. Wedges
  3. Pumps
  4. Peep toes
  5. Sling backs
  6. Strappy Sandals
  7. Gladiator Sandals
  8. Loafers
  9. Ballet flats
  10. Flip-flops
  11. MaryJanes
  12. Moccasins
  13. Boots
  14. Sneakers
  15. Mules
  16. Platforms
  17. Clogs
  18. Walker Shoes
Womens Sexy Spike Heels 5 inch Dual Strap ShoesFirst Kiss Little Kid/Big Kid Jodi Mary Jane,Red,4 M US Big KidFergie Women's Safra Dress Pump,Blue Satin,7.5 M USNine West Women's Blondey Boot,Natural/Black,8.5 M USNine West Women's Lex Dress,Dark Red Patent,8.5 M
Female shoes for different occasions

Work shoes:
In days past the Classic pump was worn everyday to work but in recent times the typical female has been know to deviate from the norm; she now puts her feet on show in various high heeled, colourful, flamboyant and flashy designs.
Rockport Eselda Dress Shoe Womens - DK GREY SUEDE/PATENT 11
Dress shoes:
The line between work shoe and dress shoes has thinned out into oblivion.
Womens Spike Heels 4 1/2 inch Shoes w/Ankle StrapEd Hardy Women's Casablanca Wedge,White/Koi Fish,9 M USWork and dress shoes are now one and the same, what may differ is colour and price tags.
The shoe that pinches one person fits another; If the shoe fits wear it.
If the shoe doesn’t fit must we change the feet or change the shoes. Let our female style icon give us some insight.
It is the fragrant lack of practicality that makes high heeled shoes so fascinating.
If a woman wears high heeled shoes it elevates her, gives her elegance, adds glamour and shows her sense of style.

But you may begin to ask yourself if you must wear if from dawn till dusk everyday.
Experts say continuous strutting in heels could lead to long term damage of the musculature of your legs.Jessica Simpson Women's Josette Pump,Really Red,10 M

Beautiful shoes make you stand out; Red does it all the time. 

Happy Strutting!!!!!


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