Friday, May 28

10 Wise Things to do in “Your” Marriage.

10 Wise things to do in Your Marriage
1. Open all lines of communication all the time; Communication is key in any relationship.

2. Love Forgivingly;Forgive and forget wrongdoings.
3. Love Selflessly/Die to self ; Hard I know but doable

4. Do not hold out on Sex: This is really critical in a marriage - bodies touching constantly create a magical oneness.

5. Give Selflessly; Give now, tomorrow & always - You would eventually stimulate a reciprocal reaction in any sane partner.

6. Pray for each other and with each other; GOD almighty is the "super-glue" in any marriage.

7. Plan your future together: After all they who fail to plan, plan to fail.

8. Share love and goodness around family and friends; They would surely reciprocate in your time of need.

9. Bring up your children together: Be united in your parenting efforts.

10. Remember to have fun together regularly; Bathing together, Watching a movie together, Dancing together on going on a trip together.

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