Sunday, May 9

Celebrating our Mothers; Mother’s Day

Today we “Hail”mothers everywhere as many countries today celebrate mother’s day.

Some of the countries that are celebrating mother’s day today are; US, UK, India, Pakistan, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Canada, China, Japan and Belgium.

I hope the mother/mom in your own household is praised and honoured in some form today; You can shower her with care, appreciative gestures and gifts. if you have not already done so-do something now it is not over until it is over.

To you woman of valour, carer of many, lover of many, teacher of many; I honour you today with the following praise.

  • Well-done for you selfless loving and giving
  • Well-done for loving tolerantly and non-judgementally
  • Well-done for loving forgivingly and forgetting our many negative acts
  • Well-done for carrying an extra 30+ pounds for 10 months just to bring me forth [Pregnancy]
  • Well-done for your constant care and protection day in day out
  • Well-done for giving up or suspending you dreams of fame or fortune
  • Well-done for your endless tireless mothering of one and all.
  • Well-done for not giving up, even when all hope is lost as you continue to push, hope and dream on my behalf
  • Well-done for waking up every morning, with more love, determination, vision, energy to try and try again
  • Well-done! Well-done! Well-done! “Super Woman”

If you like the praise above please send it to your mother, wife or any other mother/mum you know

Tell us how you honoured your mom or wife today if you live in any of the countries above

See an excerpt from my dedication to my mom last year for Mother’s Day;

“My mother is a glorious blessed and tireless wonder.
She is ever ready to help, despite the fact that she has her own business to run.
She is a pure epitome of what a mother should be.

Read full article here!

Happy Mother’s Day to you “Super Woman”


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