Tuesday, May 18

Facebook is an “Onliest” Wonder

I have been mulling over the worldwide embrace of Facebook and all it offers [It is almost fanatic].
Facebook has over 500 million users - more than three times the population of Nigeria and 13.5% of the total worldwide population.

From North to South, East to West across the Earth people are reaching out to each other on Facebook.

Methinks FB is aiming to create a totally borderless existence in our world today, where communication is instantaneous.
Two Major uses of Facebook could be summarized as follows;
1. FB is filling an innate need in all of us - a need for friendships; Igniting old bonds [History] & Creating new ones [Future]
    • This simply means that no matter how far we have climbed or how wide we have travelled we still need old friends to form part of our history and new ones to help chart the course of our future.
2. As well as creating on one stop shop for Business and Commerce of all kinds
    • No other communication medium can offer you 500 Million+ people/prospects at the click of a mouse.

Facebook is definitely an "Onliest" Wonder!!!!!


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