Saturday, May 8

Imperfect Me in a Not so Perfect World

We are so very imperfect beings, and more often than not this is reflected in our daily lives.

In our relationships with others we often have very high [unrealistic if you ask me] expectations from them and when they fall short we are disappointed, unforgiving and ready to move on [to yet another unrealistic relationship, with unrealistic expectations].

Take a moment and look inwards! We are all but imperfect beings in in a not so perfect world. Our shortcomings are numerous and differ from one person to another

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In our relationships [Marriage, Family life, Friendships, Workplace, Community] we should learn to treat others as the really are and not based on the unrealistic expectations we have about them.

In our marriages and relationships we should learn to love with acceptance of our partners realistic selves.

We should strive and hope to;

  • Love selflessly without guile or judgement; A hard feat to achieve but possible if you try a day at a time.
  • Tolerant of the imperfections in our partners so that they too will learn to do same; We are all imperfect so do not put yourself above others in your estimation of their character.
  • Love forgivingly;things must happen, but we must lean to forgive and forget least we fill our hearts with bitterness and this weighs heavily on our shoulders.

The Bottom Line is that we must learn to practice “Self Sacrifice”, “Tolerance” and “Forgiveness” in our relationships in our daily lives.

Remember we are all “Imperfect in a Not so Perfect World”.

What do you think? Are you Imperfect? Do you have unrealistic expectations in your relationships? Please leave comments in answer to any of this questions.



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