Thursday, May 13

Miracle of Survival

An unidentified Dutch child the sole survivor ...

Picture of the 10 year old “Dutch” boy who survived the recent Air crash in Libya.

As we mourn the death of 93 passengers and 11 crew on the ill fated Afriqiyah Airbus - Flight 771 we cannot help but marvel at the miraculous survival of the 10 year “Dutch” old boy.

Many aviations experts and analysts have given various plausible scientific reasons for his sole survival; because we humans always have the need to explain away matters that are beyond reason or comprehension. Mind you the Airbus was a total wreckage.

But methinks it is as simple as can be; It was and is a miracle of survival - plain and simple. God worked his magic in this case.

Lets not call it anything else.

I pray he recovers fully and mourn the loss of his family and all the others from various nationalities [Dutch, French, German, South African, Finnish, British and Libyan] who lost their lives on this ill fated flight.

We pray for the souls of those that died in this crash and hope they find eternal rest. Amen! Say a prayer too!

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