Wednesday, May 19

Pictures that Speak!

Enjoy some old pics of my darlings.
Day 5
My girl at 5days old – she was already smiling

My Princess
My grown up princess at 5 months old – A future Miss World I dare say

My Duo 2
My duo at 2 years 7 months and 5 months old respectively – Such Posture

Daughter dearest
My growing Chic – Give us more teeth

Two Month old Thea with older bro Bede
Older bro babysitting 2 month old sis
Question: Where am I bro? I miss my amniotic fluidy existence

More babaysitting
More babysitting – Hello World here I come

Telling a secret
Sharing a secret; Don’t tell me I don’t want to hear it

Siblings bonding
Siblings bonding – Jolly good day

Mama   Babies
Mama + her babies a while back
Children: Mom what kind of positioning in this, must we take pictures

I hope you enjoyed these old pictures that I cherish.

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