Wednesday, September 1

I am beautiful! Say it and Own it.

Beauty beyond Borders

Many women the world over sell themselves short in the beauty category.
A lack of sense of self has driven many women over the edge in their pursuit of “beauty”.
Beauty is as beauty can be.

I watch is dismay as women let the media give them a contorted view of what beauty should and can be and this they warps their head around  this images and loose their unique sense of self.
Glossy near perfect images shouting at us from the pages of magazines, TV and the web have led many to believe that beauty is only surface deep and that we must be near perfect to be called beautiful.

It appears that Beauty has in many ways come to de defined as solely physical.
Physical beauty in a woman can attract a man, but can seldom make a lasting relationship.

High Profile Beauty

The reality is that beauty is more than skin deep, way! way! more. Being attractive for a woman is a plus not the whole mix.

I define beauty as follows - “Beauty is ageless, individually unique, pleasant to the eye, kind and warming to the heart, calming to the soul and stimulating to the brain”.

Physical attractiveness alone does not connote true beauty in my eyes or in my brain. In fact near perfect reed thin women look unnatural hungry and unnourished to me; they look just about ready to break or crack.

But media the world over define beauty as purely surface attractiveness often wrapped up in the image of Hollywood starlets.
super model animated
Hollywood Super models - Rail thin

I am beautiful inside out, because I have always liked my unique looks, I try to radiate warmth, total confidence, I love to work my brain and lastly my hussy and family love me. What more?

Let no one fool you or drag you down, you are beautiful in your own unique way and if you are confident and proud that takes you to another level entirely.

So put yourself out there and claim your spot in the circle of beautiful women. With the right ensemble [YOU, attitude, confidence, total grooming and brains] you too can call your self beautiful.
So go ahead say it " I am Beautiful".

Are you Beautiful?

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