Tuesday, June 8

The Key Ingredients in the Mix called Life!

LIFE in it self is a mix of several "ingredients" that determine how tasty you life is or would be.
For me and anyone who knows the key ingredients we should pray for, strive for and cosset are;

Love: We should aim to experience the love of God so we can share love within our families, communities and every where. If you have family and friends to share you way, half of life's troubles are solved.

Laughter: Laughter is like food to the soul; it keep us alive and it's and expression of inner joy and happiness. It has been know to reduce stress and worry.

Happiness:  Is an emotion state characterized by love contentment, satisfaction, pleasure and joy. if you can express this emotion it shows that you are flourishing in healthy human relationships.

Peace: If you live and exist in peace you are truly alive and on the sure way. Peace comes from within so strive to make something of yourself, do something for yourself, be someone you want to be and give something of yourself to others.

All these "ingredients" are priceless but they don't cost you a penny, you just have to decide what matters more in life; A life lived in love or a live lived without love. The choice is yours!

Are you living a life worth living?

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