Sunday, June 6

World Cup Fever is Ready to Take Over….

As the 2010 world cup draws near I and many women the world over wait in trepidation for the temporary loss of their husbands or boyfriends and normal sanity as we know it.

For me I would get a new vice/hobby or several new books so I could loose myself in them…… those times when I would have been smooching or getting some much needed TLC.

The amazing thing is that they tell you they are only going to watch matches in which their home country would participate; but even after their teams fall out of the race the fever does not abate as they quickly adopt another team and yet another team again and again all through the duration of the world cup.

Men! Hmmmm! Men! Why can’t they be like us at times; A woman would stop watching a soap if her favourite is dropped or killed off but not a man.  No never a man; he will switch loyalties immediately that happens.

They often behave like “tramps” during football tournaments selling their souls to the highest bidder [not monetary] at any point in time.

Have you also noticed that a group of male friends often support the same team; this is so lame and very un-individualistic; where is that uniqueness that we women show in our choices in life. Variety they say is the spice of life.

But the real truth is that during the upcoming World Cup you man would be having two affairs one with the TV and the other with his friends.

So don’t take it to heart dear. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Woman arm yourself with a vice now you only have 9 days left.

I am with you on this………. Let’s unite in planning.