Thursday, June 24

You can Teach an Old Dog many new Tricks!

Imagine trying to break a dry washed up piece of wood. I reckon that is what it would feel like trying to "Teach an Old Dog new Tricks".

But with each passing day I am believing that the phrase "You can't teach and Old Dog new tricks" is washed up as I see "Old Dogs" every where learning new tricks in a bid to survive, thrive and remain relevant in the scheme of things.

I would rather say that we as humans are dynamic and that as the brain still functions we can still learn and re-learn many things.

As I flirt with forty I find that my brain seems to be working over time at at full blast way faster than younger ones around me.
What could be the reason for this? I wonder if it is the world we live in, my experiences, or my zest to experience and achieve more that keeps my brain running at full clock work all the time.

I am learning so many new things, soaking up hungrily; knowledge, facts and new tricks as I go along.

At what age do we really allow our brains wind down for a rest. I really wonder, because all around me the "Old Dogs" are breaking new ground in various industries and fields of study.

My mom at 62+ is getting more adventurous and more innovative in her business and her life. So tell me when do you stop all the learning?
Methinks never, you just keep going until you drop, or else what would be your daily purpose on earth here.

I am not half way done yet.... this "Middle-aged Dog" is going a climbing and I will get to the mountain top and Hola! Hola!

Are you coming with me?