Tuesday, July 20

At Crossroads - Decision Time!

Are you at a Crossroad in your life?
I sure am and have been for quite while now.
I am at the fork road in my career and I am still deliberating on which turn to make.
I have been procrastinating but the decision has to be made and soon if you ask me.
I have had a marvelous run in my current career path, but I am kind of Stuck in the Rut now and I desperately need change.
My mental faculties need to be jarred awake by brand new challenges and obstacles to tackle.
I am almost robotic in my functions and wake up with trepidation every new day filled with dread about going to the same old chore.
Deep inside of me I feel a fierce hunger for newness of purpose and direction.
I lie awake at night pondering over what my future holds and where life will take me.
Despite my procrastination I know it is decision time and I can feel the heat of excitement within me.
I am guided by my innermost tingle and I know that now the time is right to take another turn on the fork road of life, work and career.
I pray that the Lord will guide me as I take this Mid-Life decision on another roller coaster ride in to the future where I see strange but brighter lights.....

It is DECISION time.......................Here and Now!

Tell me how you how you made that critical decision in your life when you came to your own Crossroads.