Wednesday, October 20

My Marriage Creed!

My Marriage Creed
Marriage is a union of two halves! The complete fusion or fit of the two halves is predominantly a key factor in the success of the Marriage or union.

I believe that Marriage is for keeps even though Life is full of surprises. I take my vows very seriously and hope and pray that my hussy feels the same way. 

In my minds eye I often recant my personal "Marriage Creed" which I wrote some time ago.

Here I share it rewritten for you;
  • Marriage is a Journey for TWO riding off together into the sunset.
  • Borne out of a deep rooted FEELING from your innermost being.
  • ENRICHING what you see, say,and do in ways beyond reason.
  • You decide on the OTHER HALF to share you live your dreams and hopes with.
  • Spelling out COMMITMENT to one another for better for worse.
  • Constant NOURISHMENT is a key ingredient for its survival 
  • Keeping you STRONG in the harsh winter months where you offer each other warmth.
  • Till that time comes to PART joined in love you remain marching on together as one.
  • Journey on you two for this  MATCH is made in Heaven and no man should put asunder.
Did you like my creed? What are your views? Share them here!


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