Friday, July 2

True or False? (1)

Relationships; The foundations of most Relationships or Marriages is Love. We also have many views, impressions and beliefs of what Love should be in our Relationships or Life.
But are they True or False or a mere Figment of our Imagination or mere Fallacies.
  • Love is Pure, Love is True - Is this True or False; Somewhere in between I would say.
  • Love Conquers All - Is this True or False; Mostly True but not always True.
  • Love is Forever - Is this True or False; Somewhere in between we as humans are very dynamic creatures and are often affected  and influenced by the environment in which they live in.
  • Love is Indifferent to Age - Is this True or False; Not always True, Immaturity and inexperience may damage Love or be a danger in lasting love.
What do you think? For me Love in itself can cannot stand the test of time or remain Pure and True for the long haul.
It is very hard work to keep Love alive in your Relationship or Marriage. More importatntly it is continuous and constant work to keep Love alive in any Relationship.