Tuesday, August 17

How do You Manage Strict bedtime routines?

What is your kids Bedtime Routine?
This is almost an impossible task for me during this holiday season. The kids just won't go to bed early, they seem to want to soak up every second of the day.

It just seems like the days never end and Viola early enough in the morning they are up and about with a boundless energy; from where I can not Fathom.

When school was in session it was pretty easy.
On a typical school night my almost 3year old drops off without a care or bother early enough. Most nights her big bro (almost 5years) follows suit soon after, because he is fagged out after a vibrant active day of study and play at school.

But the holidays are a different kettle of fish entirely. They want to totally milk the 24hour day.
What can I do to check this when both parents work and often get home quite late to meet our kids waiting to catch a glimpse of us before they even think of going off to bed.

At times there is no easy answer I know, especially if both parents work late (not by choice mind you).

Do you know some bedtime secret weapons that work?; let us know!

A Parent's guide to kids' sleep habits from Tuck.com