Tuesday, August 3

Relationships that Work! 15 Critical Foundation Stones

Many people seem to be clueless about the correct foundation stones that must be laid first before a successful lasting relationship/friendship is built.

Personal Relationships are "A Big Deal" in our daily existence and must be worked at to continue thriving.

From my point of view the following 15 Critical Stones must be part of the foundation laying in any personal relationship or friendship that would withstand the test of time;

1. Trust is an invaluable stone on which any serious friendship/relationship must stand.
2. Compatibility is key in any friendship or relationship
3. You must have some Mutual Interests so you can enjoy time together
4. Try to develop Individual Interests so that you can do some things apart
5. You must have mutual Respect for each other
6. Tell the Truth even if it hurts.
7. Respect for each other's Beliefs.
8. Believe in your Self and your worth
9. Be Honest in all your dealings with one another
10. Communicate regularly and faithfully.
11. Show Affection regularly to each other in your words and actions.
12. Motivate each other and yourself it is a healthy characteristic.
13. Agree to Disagree at times; but quickly settles Quarrels or Disputes between one another; They help you get to know another's likes and dislikes.
14. Create Fun and Laughter in your relationship; so very healthy
15. Live Life to the Fullest.

What do you think? What is your current relationship or friendship based on?
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