Friday, September 10

10 Relationship Myths; Debunked

Most of us are in relationships with the wool pulled over our eyes by ourselves [most of the time] and sometimes by our partner or hussy.
Couple 4 Relationships should be push and pull; where this is not happening the relationship is one sided, on the rocks and heading for disaster.

Some popular relationship myths are debunked here;

1. He is with me because he loves me; No! No! No! This is a fallacy. “He could be with you for many other reasons” - a free bed mate, an unpaid maid or a free regular allowance.

2. He can’t do with out me: Big Lie; If anything happens to you or with you, “your replacement would often come with the speed of lightening”. Some men just can’t be alone.

3. I trust him totally; Wake up Girl! Your guy may be trust worthy but some men generally believe that “trust in today's world is overrated”. So be warned.

4. We have a perfect relationship; There is no such thing as perfect in a relationship. Open your eyes to the reality and “decide whether you can live with your man in his real [not imagined] state” for better for worse.

5. We are definitely headed for the Altar; Woman has he asked you to marry him. “Never make any assumption where men are concerned” or you would get a painful wakeup call.

6. I have given him my youth so he can not leave me; Ohhhh woman why are thou so foolish. A relationship of convenience or lust of ten years breaks up in a split second and the memories would be replaced with “spanking new intoxicating love” so easily.

7. His parents would love me because we are in Love; No Girl where In-Laws are concerned there are “no guarantees at all”. Just pray and thank your lucky stars if they love you spot on. Sometimes it takes time and real hard work to win them over.

8. We are married and we want kids Immediately; Woman don’t go assuming anything “did you discuss this before marriage”. I hope you did if not you could be in for a shocker.

9. The transition from Relationship to Marriage is easy; Oh my gosh you would sure get a shocking wakeup call. “Marriage is a whole different ball game and it changes the dynamics of your relationship totally”. Your love would be tested time and time again. I hope it is strong! Real strong!

10. Our Love is for all ages; God help you! You are going to need his help believe me. There are days when you would ask your self “who did I Marry”? And believe me you would not have an easy time answering your question.

You must steadfastly work hard to cultivate and feed your love and pray that God helps you with the rest as the years go by and various influences interfere in your union/marriage.

Love is Magnificent, Uplifting and for Good, Love is the Reason we wake up everyday to try and try again. If not for Love where would I be today.

So keep on Loving and Giving of Yourself!!!!
Why Did I Marry You Anyway? Overcoming the Myths That Hinder a Happy Marriage

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