Sunday, September 12

How do you Compliment Beauty?

Innocent Beauty
I complimented my sister the other day; I said you look real beautiful and she beamed and happily said thanks. She then went on to complain that some people instead of saying you look beautiful will say your make-up is nice”.

People make-up is meant to make the wearer beautiful and not to stand out on it's own.

When a woman makes up in all her glory she wants to complement and draw attention to her striking features or in some cases hide some flaws. The woman expects the "result" to blend into her persona so that you see overall a beautiful woman not the makeup standing alone. Though some women tend over do it at times and the makeup now stands out on it own and you the viewer would only see the makeup and not the person underneath.

Michael Kors [the fashion Icon] also says that a woman does not want you to compliment her dress; she wants you to say you look beautiful/stunning in that dress”. Not "that’s a beautiful dress you are wearing leaving the wearer out in the cold.
The dress maybe beautiful but it is brought to light when it is worn by a person who carries the dress to perfection.

A sincere compliment is meant to give a boost to the receiver; so we should be careful in our choice of words so that the our message is not misconstrued. We should give direct and sincere compliments that will be a major boost to the receiver.
Pure Beauty
Even my girl looks real beautiful with lipstick……..

I don’t dish out compliments cheaply; when I give them they are usually sincere and heartfelt.

Do you give sincere or insincere Compliments? How do you feel when you receive sincere or insincere/misdirected compliments? Tell us!!!!!


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