Friday, September 10

"My Hero" turns 5! Hurray!

My Hero in Control at 5
My "Hero" was 5 on Sunday the 5th.

It seems like only yesterday we welcomed you into our lives and hearts.
I bless the day I had you, "you are a prayer answered".
You fill us with an utmost sense of pride and unexplained joy.
We thank God for you everyday of a lives for you are a blessing in our lives

Sunday was your Big-day and you had been counting down to that day
You woke up in high very spirits ready to take on the world.
Your presents made you ecstatic and you were overcome with joy [We surprised you with unexpected  selection of gifts]

I had to hide the gifts from you it was not an easy task.
you refused to go to bed the the night before so I had to wake up early on the 5th before you woke up to wrap and hide the gifts in different places for you to find.
You had fun finding them even though "little sis" was hot on your tail helping and wanting the gifts.
For peace to reign in our household we had to get her some gifts too[ she just wasn't buying the idea of you getting all the gifts with nothing for her... Lol]

Though the big party is postponed till your sister B day we had family over to share your day.
You welcomed everyone and was in very high spirits all through the day.
Even when one of your cousins wanted one of your birthday gifts you showed magnanimity way beyond your years by saying it was okay for him to have it.

You show a maturity beyond your years as you excel, soak up knowledge and sizzle through your days with unlimited energy and bounce [I really do not know where you get your energy from - At times watching you tires me out.... LOL].

We are proud to be called your parents and we will always love you.

You are already asking - When will I be 6?... Slowdown! Son enjoy your childhood it would pass sooner than you expect and you would wonder how did the years run by so fast.

Enjoy your 5th year my "HERO" Bouncing, Learning and Sizzling all the way...........


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