Saturday, October 30

When Fortune Smiles on You!

There comes a time when life seems so much sweeter as things just seem to fall into place without much effort on your part. Good tidings come cascading on to your laps.

You raise your hands high up jumping in jubilation cum celebration at your successes, new opportunities, new relationships and or unexpected rewards.

You wonder and are amazed at such good Fortune smiling down on you when you least expect.

You ask yourself, What did I do to deserve this? or What kind of magical coincidence is this? The questions could go on and on and you would not find ready answers.

Time, Fate and Chance are on your turf now so jump up and welcome them as they work in unison to bring you uncountable favour and good tidings.

Alas your day is here and the time is now for you to fly high over mountains and cross all the rivers in your Life.

It just seems that Santa has come calling somewhat early and the good news is that your good Fortune will take you all way until after the Christmas season is over and far ahead in to your future.

But before you go dancing and partying in celebration, tarry a while and Thank God for this bountiful harvest as he alone can magnificently synchronize Time, Fate and Chance to deliver you your wishes, dreams, goals, aspirations and so much more.

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