Friday, November 12

Are You Romantic in your Marriage?

"Romantic love reaches out in little ways, showing attention and admiration. Romantic love remembers what pleases a woman, what excites her, and what surprises her. Its actions whisper: you are the most special person in my life."Charles Stanley" (A Man's Touch)

Romance is to Marriage what Food is to our Body
Who should be the Romantic in a marriage? Husband or Wife or both of them. Methinks it should be both of them. But note that Romance begets Romance! 
One spouse may be romantic initially but it would sure spark off a reciprocal reaction in the other spark in normal situations.
Ideally one spouse should not be expected to be romantic while the other just waits to receive romantic gestures, Romance in marriage is an expression of love and should bring about a positive reaction from the other spouse.

Is Romance in Marriage overrated? Romance adds spice and flavour to an otherwise "Boring Emotion Lacking Marriage". Romance creates necessary intimate interludes in your Marriage and this adds on positively to the robustness and strength of your union.

When should Romance come into my Marriage? From the wedding ceremony/day one, or right now if there was no Romance in your Marriage before now; there is no time like the present.

How can I be Romantic in my Marriage? You can be romantic in even the simplest of ways; leaving you spouse little love notes around the house, preparing an exotic candlelit dinner as a surprise, calling up just to say " I love and appreciate you", or downloading a song/track that has nice memories for both of you onto his or her Phone or iPod as a surprise.
You can splurge by taking your spouse on a Romantic weekend away as a surprise birthday gift or anniversary celebration or just for mere relaxation.

What of if my Spouse is not a Romantic person? No normal person alive is incapable of romance, except there are made out of stone or are very damaged goods. 
Be attentive, affectionate, loving and appreciative of your spouse and you would be surprised at what you can spark off in him/her.

I feel Unappreciated in my Marriage why should I act Romantic! This is a tough concept I know but try being Romantic to your "so called unappreciative spouse" and you would sure open their eyes and melt their hearts with you little Romantic acts of kindness, love, appreciation. 
The bright light radiating from you will brighten your previously darkened home and penetrate the heart of your spouse.
You have to give to receive at times!!!

As I sign off I am thinking of new ways to be Romantic in my marriage, you can never be too romantic you know!. What of you, are you Romantic in your Marriage? Pray Tell us!

Some Help
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Anonymous said...

i totally agree but the question is can this be a lastng form of relationship? seems to me this is usually practised around the early euphoria of any rlationship.

WINC said...

Yes this is easily practiced early in a relationship but must be rekindled time and time again to keep the relationship vibrant and fresh. If not both parties feel neglected and bored in the relationship or marriage. Just think of it as necessary food for the survival of your marriage or relationship.

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