Friday, November 19

Creating "ME Time" in my Household!

Reading in the Bathtub! So sublime.
With the cloak wifehood and motherhood and the constant push and pull of the world at large thrown over your shoulders is the anytime left for YOU to relax and or exhale. None if you don't strategically create it.

Carving out some time just for you in your daily life is critical for your sanity.

How do you as a busy wife and mother create "ME time"; that much need time when you can do something for yourself as a woman not as a mother or wife.

In my daily chaotic as wife, mother, sister, friend, and employee who has to spend more than 3 hours in traffic daily; I have come to the realization that innovation is key if I am going to get any "ME time" at all.

Okay hear me out as I share my innovative and somewhat realistic "ME Time" creations with you.

My first "ME time zone" is a secret-shuuush! The Loo has become a kind of sanctuary for me when I need quick "ME times" amidst all the drama that goes on in my home. It is a good place to read, make calls, send texts, get on FB and or twitter and a very good place to pray. Believe me it works.

My second "ME time zone" is right in my living room; but all alone because everyone would be asleep in the wee hours of the night/early morning; During this time I usually blog, read and reply emails, research online or just watch TV.

My third and last "ME time zone! Is right in my moving car; with my driver driving I try to utilize 2-3 hours traffic jams by making calls, texting, getting on FB or twitter and reading and replying emails or just catching a well needed snooze. Yes! A Snooze at times this short snoozes re-energize you for the evening and night ahead.

I need these regular time out to remain sane and I am sure this goes for many other wives+mothers out there.

As a wife and mother how do YOU create "ME time" in your household? Go on, share your experiences here with us!


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