Wednesday, November 10

Have You Ever been Tempted to Cheat?

Luckily I have never been remotely tempted to cheat on my husband or forsake my vows.

I really wonder about this and how some women you have experienced this have handled it.

Flash back to the day you got married and took solemn vows; for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us path.

How weak do this vows become in our daily married life that we sometimes are tempted to forget their significance?

Where does it all come unglued? That one may decide to look outside the marital bed for companionship.

Statistics say that over 50% of married women cheat on their spouses and for men the number is about 60%.

How do you fight temptation in Marriage? I really wonder!!!

I would say this; If you still want your marriage then don't even give room for outside influences in the first place so you avoid the need to fight temptation. Not easy I know but life is all about choices if you choose to stay true to your marriage vows then you would be willing to fight temptation and protect your marriage.

  • Try to focus on your spouse and remember affection and love once shared.
  • Put more energy and vigor in your marriage; rekindle your vows and work on putting the spark back in your marriage.
  • Work with your spouse on increasing the level of passion in your marriage. 
  • Deliberately avoid situations that could lead to temptation ;remove yourself from harms way.
  • Pray to God for his help in your marriage and in your life. HE so values the Sanctity of Marriage and would sure help you in this regard if you let him.
Ladies what do you think? Share your experiences or views here. 
Daily I pray to God to help me overcome temptation when and if it comes my way.

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