Wednesday, November 10

Is Your Marriage Experiencing Drought?

Is your Marriage going through a drought season?

All relationships experience downtime or stressful periods; especially that between a man and a woman.

Building and maintaining a relationship in a marriage is hard work and it takes consistence, dedication , selfless loving cum giving, trust, appreciation and encouragement to keep it going year after year.

But because we are human and not infallible we sometimes loose sight of the goal in our marriages and become over burdened with other stuff that weight us down emotionally and physically.

What are the key signs of a marriage experiencing some drought?

1. You discover you don't talk anymore or you talk less.
2. You do not do things together anymore.
3. You forget to call or tell each other where you are going or that you would be late.
4. You forget to care or show concern about your mate's/spouse's problems.
5. You can't remember the last time you said " I love you to each other".
6. You forget Birthdays and Anniversaries (or they are rendered uneventful).
7. You feel too stressed out to bother about the state of your Marriage
8, You don't touch each other anymore or very infrequently.

The drought in your Marriage may be caused by a variety of reasons; In the chaotic world we live in today you may be experiencing any or some of the factors listed below.

1. Job Stress
2. Financial Stress
3. Emotional Stress
4. Physical and Mental Stress (Work Overload - Work + Home + Community/ Family +Church)
5. Parenting Challenges
6. Business Challenges
7. External factors or Influences
8. Combination of 2 or more of the above

If you are one of those who are experiencing drought in their marriage don't panic there are many things you can do to get water to water down you marriage so it can thrive again.

1. Stop look and listen; to fully comprehend the state of affairs in your marriage.
2. Call your mate or spouse for a tête-à-tête so the two of you are on the same page as to the state of your marriage
3. Discuss the factors that may be contributing to the drought and work out possible solutions so as to ease your stress levels.
4. Make a conscious effort to care and appreciate your spouse or mate daily.
5. Revive old loving habits you used to exhibit to put the zing back in your marriage
6. Touch each other frequently even without reason to help revive the closeness and emotional connection you once shared. ( I and the hussy use this quite frequently especially when we feel we have neglected the other person for a while)
7. Plan outings together or revisit old haunts to help you connect better.
8. Use the three Magic words "I love You" regularly it clearly sets the stage for your marriage to thrive again.

There are many more tips to help revive our marriages please share your thoughts or experiences here!


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