Tuesday, December 21

The Joy of Christmas

As Heaven and Earth collide in Jubilation and Glorification, May you enjoy this Christmas season drinking fine wine with you family and friends.

Surely experiencing the full extent of HIS Mercy, Compassion and Grace through the wonderment of the Virgin birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ at Christmas.

As we prepare for Christmas let us remember the reason for the season; a Saviour is born to the world to save human kind from our sinful ways.

Remember to share in HIS undying love this season by sharing gifts, showing acts on kindness, thoughtful words and a merry Christmas greetings with a smile.

Let every heart prepare HIM room, then Heaven and Earth Sing, then Heaven and Earth Sing, then Heaven and Heaven and Earth Sing!

Compliments of the Season to you all!!!

A Merry Little ChristmasGlee: The Music, The Christmas Album

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